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Renewal of licence:

(Under rule 6)

  1. Every licence granted shall be valid for a period of one year from the first day of the month and subject to terms and conditions in the licence granted.

  2. The licence granted can be further renewed for a maximum of three years subject to the same terms and conditions as are applicable to grant of licence except the requirement of solvency certificate.

  1. Application for renewal shall be in form E and shall be submitted three clear months before the date of expiry of the licence.

  2. Application for renewal may be accepted if it is made at least two clear months before expiry subject to the condition that the application with the requisite fee is accompanied by a additional penal fee of rupees 25/-


The application in form “E” shall be accompanied by the following:

  1. Original challan or cash receipt for having remitted the requisite renewal fee & penal fee as the case may be not earlier than Six months prior to the date of submission of application.

  2. Specimen signature and three recent passport size photograph of the applicant (authorised signatory in case of a firm or company) clearly showing the complete face & two ears of the applicant. The Specimen signature and photograph shall be attested by the officer of the Electrical Inspectorate not below the rank of Deputy Electrical Inspector or by the Notary.

  3. A self-addressed envelope duly affixed with the requisite postage stamp.

  4. Attested copy of the Electrical supervisor & Electrical wireman permit duly endorsed to the licence to be renewed.

  5. A clearance certificate for having remitted the professional tax or an affidavit sworn before the notary for the same.

  6. Original Solvency certificate granted not later than six months from the date of application and an under taking or an affidavit on 100/- Rupees stamp paper sworn before the notary detailing the solvency being maintained. Where the solvency is issued from a bank in format D-1, it shall be from a Nationalized Bank or Scheduled Bank located in the same district where the business premises of the applicant is located. However in case of a limited company having branches at other locations as well, the solvency from a bank located at a district other than the district where the business premises is located may be accepted as per the decision of the board.

    However Graduate or Diploma holders granted with a Licence against a relaxed solvency amount shall furnish fresh solvency certificate for being solvent to the entire amount of solvency stipulated for the said class of Licence.

  7. Certificate granted not later than three months from the date of application from the jurisdictional inspecting officer of the department of Electrical Inspectorate not below the rank of a Deputy Electrical Inspector for certifying the proper working condition of testing instruments & equipments possessed & maintained.

  8. Original licence.

Renewal fees:

Sl No


 For One year

For Two years

For Three years


For Class 1 LEC





For Class 2 LEC





For Class 3 LEC